Cheerleading and Tumbling

Tumbling and Cheerleading
In 2020 Starz will be to offering Tumbling and Cheerleading in conjunction with our sister studio Signature Cheer & Dance Studio. All-Star cheerleading is a sport that involves females and/or males performing a 2 minute and 30-second routine composed of stunting, pyramids, tumbling, jumping and dance. When we refer to tumbling, we mean skills like cartwheels and back handsprings. Stunting refers to a group of two or more individuals that elevate another cheerleader in the air. This also includes partner stunting that may only include one base and one flyer. Pyramids are a form of stunting but are done as a large group and are interconnected. Cheerleading and Tumbling Classes will be offered to students 6-11 years of age.

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To pre-register for Cheerleading & Tumbling classes please click here

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