2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions

2020 Approved Solo, Small Group Competitions
Students may request to represent Starz Dance Centre at any of the below listed competitions in 2020. Soloist and Small Groups of up to 4 members must advise staff of which events they are entering via the studio website Soloists and small group Event Participation Form. This form must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event starting. Results, Photo`s and or Video`s plus critiques from each event must be submitted within 7 days of the events completion as we want to share your success with the wider studio community and your coach will be given a copy of your critique to evaluate before your next lesson.
A majority of competitions can be entered via the links below, some will require a quick google search as the event providers take entries through their own websites.
Please ensure you double check the rules for each competition you enter as age groups, genre definitions and music time limits vary among event providers.
Soloists and small groups may enter up to a maximum of 5 events per year. If participating in competitive teams we suggest limiting to 2-3 soloist or small group events per year.
Some event providers provide the opportunity to qualify for a National Level event. If a soloist or group qualifies for a National Level Event students are permitted to participate.
Solo`s and Small Groups are the responsibility of the parent and dancer/s. Costumes are to be organised by the parent with approval from the choreographer of the routine or the studio director prior to wearing at an event.

Evolution Dance Competition
KAR Dance competition
Follow Your Dreams*
Hollywood Bound
Rainbow Dance
Comdance Victoria
Diamond Dance
In Motion Performing arts Challenge
Jump Dance Challenge
Prestige Dance Awards
SFD Competitions
Melton Bacchus Marsh Dance Festival
Stage Attack
Time to Shine
Ararat Eisteddfod
Bendigo Competition Society
Bendigo Dance Eisteddfod
Bonbeach Dance Eisteddfod
Boroondara Eisteddfod
Dandenong Eisteddfod
Eisteddfod By the Bay
Geelong Eisteddfod
Hamilton Eisteddfod
Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod
Melbourne Performing Arts Challenge
Metropolitan Festival of Dance
Phoenix Festival of Dance
Royal South Street
Victorian Performing Arts Challenge
South Gippsland Dance Eisteddfod
IDance Competition
Sothern Dance Festival

*Parents may request the studio director to enter Follow Your Dreams events un the studio director account. Studio Directors receive the opportunity to book spaces for routines prior to registration opening to the wider dance community. As some regional events sell out within minutes of the registration opening. If you wish for the studio to enter follow your dreams events for you will need fill out the online follow your dreams entry form prior to February 1st 2020. All registration and entry fees must be paid to the studio by February 7th for your entry to be processed ( No payment plans are available on competition entries and entry fees are non refundable once entries are submitted to the event provider.

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