Kids and Teen Classes

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When students reach school age they may choose to commit to one or more of our classes on offer in a more dedicated environment. Whether a recreational or serious dancer, we have something for everyone. All class numbers are capped to ensure our students are not just a number and every student has the chance to reach their full potential.

Starz offers a wide range of classes for kids and teens in the following styles :

  •   Classical Ballet (ATOD)

  •   Pointe & Pre Pointe
  •   Jazz
  •   Tap
  •   Contemporary
  •   Lyrical
  •   Ballet Extension
  • Acrobatics
  • Cheerleading
  • Tumbling
  •   Character/National Dance studies
  •   Optional Competitions & Ballet exams
  •   Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Former Starz students have been accepted into
    The Australian Ballet School, Victorian College of
    the Arts Secondary College (VCASS),
    Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, Patrick Studios Australia, Ev & Bow Dance Company, The University of Melbourne and more.

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Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and works to develop flow of movement, grace and good posture.  Starz offers beginners ballet classes from the age of 4 that involves learning basic ballet steps through fun and creative dance/mime exercises, right through to formal training to the senior level.  Pointe work is also offered to students when they reach the required age and level.

Starz teaches the Australian Teachers of Dancing method of classical ballet (ATOD) which is a fresh, modern and innovative syllabi that systematically progresses from the beginner level to the advanced level, designed to build strength, technique and creativity. There is also the option for our ballet students to attend specialist conventions, scholarships, masterclasses, summer schools and even part time Vocational ballet training, for those wishing to be further extended. 

Starz Dance Centre prides itself on providing an outstanding level of ballet training. Starz students have been accepted into The Australian Ballet School, The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and The National Theatre Ballet School.


Jazz / Funk
Starz Jazz/Funk classes provide an upbeat style of dance that involves learning exercises and routines to modern music. Our jazz classes are based around building strong jazz technique as well as flexibility, fitness and musical skills. Our teachers work to develop a strong foundation in this style by incorporating modern Hip Hop, Funk and Musical Theatre elements into classes.  Starz offers ‘Tinies Jazz’ for 4-5 year olds up to the senior level.


Contemporary dance classes are offered at Starz from the Junior to Senior level.  Contemporary dance is a modern and abstract style of dance that encourages students to explore their creativity, expression and freedom of movement. Students learn to explore different ways to move to music and classes consist of both structured exercises and improvisation.


Tap Dance
Tap dancing is a form of dancing where special shoes are worn with taps on the balls and heels of the feet.  We offer a super fun introduction to tap class for 4-7 years and also a class for our more experienced tap dancers.  Students learn to rhythmically tap in time to music and classes are great for improving co-ordination and musicality.  It is also a lot of fun and a great excuse to make a lot of noise!


National Dance
As part of our ATOD ballet syllabus curriculum, students are given the opportunity to explore National Character dancing and learn styles that have originated in various countries.  Some examples of National styles studied in our syllabi include Italian, Hungarian & Russian.


Extra Curricular Activities
Our students are regularly presented with opportunities to take part in extra curricular activities such as workshops, masterclasses with guest teachers, summer schools, auditions and conventions.  These opportunities are offered to all children and are great for challenging, motivating and extending our students with their dance studies.
Our students are also keen young performers that enjoy sharing their love of performing with others.  Solo students have recently commenced dancing in ”mini concerts” for the Kyneton Community Aged Care home for the elderly patients.